Terms of guarantee:

  1. The warranty applies exclusively to the MiniHD Innovative and Portable Bright Projector.
  2. The guarantee is granted for 1 year starting from the date of purchase of the goods.
  3. The buyer has the right to repair or replace the goods or receive a gift card instead of the original product.
  4. The cost of delivery to the seller is paid by the buyer.
  5. The cost of return shipping is paid by the seller.
  6. Free of charge elimination of defects or replacement of goods is only made during the warranty period.
  7. Warranty service includes free diagnostics, repair or replacement of a failed product.
  8. Requirements for the quality of the functioning of products cannot exceed the technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer of the product.
  9. The term of elimination of defects of the product should not exceed 45 calendar days.

The warranty does not cover:

  • consumables (batteries, connecting cables, and other accessories), including those in the finished product, and for damage to other equipment working in conjunction with this product;
  • products with visible mechanical, electrical and thermal damage caused by violation of the rules for storage, operation or transportation of the product, products with traces of self-repair or repair in an unauthorized service center;
  • products with violation of the original manufacturer's seals, marking or serial number that is impossible to read;
  • products with violation of the requirements for the use of the product, as described in the instructions;
  • damaged products produce with foreign stickers, stickers, which cover the already existing stickers and stickers made by the manufacturer;
  • damage caused by natural disasters, lightning, fire, adverse household factors (for example, high humidity of the room where the product was used);
  • damage caused by the intrusion of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects (cockroaches, ants, etc.) into the product;
  • damage caused by the use of non-standard materials and spare parts;
  • damage associated with hindsight and (or) polarity, voltage surges;
  • damage associated with the product operation carried out using software that is not officially approved by the manufacturer;
  • damage caused by the actions of third parties or force majeure circumstances.


Disclaimer for incidental damages:

Weamart does not under any circumstances be liable for any damage (loss of profits, interruption of business activity, loss of commercial information, or other losses) associated with the use or inability to use the purchased equipment.


The procedure for granting the guarantee:

1.  In case of occurrence of the warranty case, the buyer should contact Weamart support service and provide:

  • The information about the product breakdown;
  • Circumstances under which the guaranteed event occurred;
  • A photo from all angles of the product, which is subject to repair, replacement or granting a gift card.

2.   Weamart Support Service examines the Buyer's email within 3 working days from the date of application and offers solutions to the problem: replacement, repair, issuance of a gift card or reasonable refusal from the guarantee obligation.

3.   In case of the occurrence of a warranty event, the buyer sends the goods to the seller at his own expense to the address specified in the reply of the Support Service.

4.   After the seller receives the parcel, the goods are checked:

  • In case of confirmation of the guaranteed event, the actions agreed with the buyer are carried out;
  • If the goods do not fit the warranty case, then it is sent back at the expense of the customer.

5.   In case of absence of the corresponding goods of the same brand, Weamart store is entitled to issue a gift card.

6.   In the event of replacement of the goods with a new one of the same brand, the warranty period and the warranty case no longer apply.